I’ve lived in Guelph for a few years and I just started driving to Brantford for poker but it’s quite far. I would love a closer game in the Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge area. I’ve played small tournaments or small cash games for years and I’ve always loved it. Unfortunately, I don’t always know where to look to find a game.


  • Hey!

    You're in the right place. Once things start opening up again you'll see plenty of games in kw / Cambridge / Guelph (and a bit further Hamilton).

    Look for the regulars like myself, kwmatt, moose, zithal, labeach / Beach2002, trigs, among others.

    Where abouts on Guelph are you? It's my hometown!

  • Welcome to the forum.
  • I’m in Kortright Hills.
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