Leap Charity Tournament- KW Accessibility Tues - Online

December 7th, 2021
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Same as the Food Bank Tournaments last year.
On Poker Stars. Entry fee is $20.00. $10 goes to prize pool, $10.00 goes to KW Accessibility.


Email hello@justleap.ca if interested.



  • Only game where I agree that more rake is better!!
  • Thanks for heads up, I just signed up.
  • There are 5 people already signed up for tonight's game. Let's get a few more!
  • Thank you to the forumers that came out once again to support a great cause. Congrats to COFFINNAIL80 who has had a great run in these dating back to last years Toy Drive games.

    Game again next Tuesday, 7:30 on Poker Stars. Email hello@justleap.ca for details.

    PokerStars Tournament #3315064007, No Limit Hold'em
    Buy-In: 17000/3000
    17 players
    Total Prize Pool: 289000
    Tournament started 2021/12/07 19:30:00 ET
    Tournament finished 2021/12/07 22:16:09 ET
    1: COFFINNAIL80 (Canada), 144,500 (50%)
    2: MrCaspan (Canada), 86,700 (30%)
    3: R0bear60 (Canada), 57,800 (20%)
    4: Wolffhound (Canada),
    5: BacardiShots (Canada),
    6: waltsfriend (Canada),
    7: Fritzcracker FC (Canada),
    8: Barn110 (Canada),
    9: jforte9687 (Canada),
    10: ThisOrThat2001 (Canada),
    11: DKayeWR519 (Canada),
    12: Loki11347 (Canada),
    13: RonjonGWN (Canada),
    14: RealtorWend (Canada),
    15: ripty711 (Canada),
    16: ptnator61 (Canada),
    17: Wehrlzz (Canada),
    MrCaspanToronto PimpthisORthat
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