How do I get approved to comment on people's posts, trying to join a home game

Joined a couple days ago and really want to message or comment on a post but I don't see where to do it


  • Welcome but we are very cautious about possibility of spammers.. As long as you are not one, you are good to go.
  • If you look it says that you must post first in the introduction category first. This allows us the admin to determine of you are a spammer or not. It also introduces you to the forum so they know who you are. What game are you thinking of joining?
  • Security group, please send out the drones and follow this person around for a few days.

  • See and if he was fully vaxxed he could just turn on location services for his 5G microchip.

    Kidding... Welcome to the forum!

    Toronto PimpMickeyHoldemDewwBerry
  • Thanks everyone!!
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