Wasn't this the place all the cool kids hung out?

What's up bitches... Long time... Blah blah blah... Hope you've all weathered the covid-storm adequately.

Just dusted off the old computer and found some old passwords... Been a few years since I've logged in... Joined almost 18 years ago... Fuck, I'm old!!

Carry on!


  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
    edited September 2021
    @compueese should we be banning this guy ;)
  • MrCaspan wrote: »
    @compueese should we be banning this guy ;)

    Look at this guy... Bold move... assuming you have enough members to start banning some!! 🤣
  • Just dusted off the old computer...

    I'm interested on the specs ye old abacus (pc).
  • thisORthat wrote: »

    I'm interested on the specs ye old abacus (pc).

  • Big spender with TWO 5 1/4 bays... could play Kings Quest like a bawler!!!
  • 2 drives made copying... err... backing up games sooooo much quicker...
  • It was the cool place but you left so the rest did too...

    WB Mickey, Moose's back about 4 yrs ago? Think we joined here about the same time.
  • Hey Comp.... Yup... Moose's back in '17... Was also a Zithal's (Rob's?) way way back for the inaugural (only) pokerforum.ca live tourney... Might have been in '05??... Who can remember such ancient events??

    I'll probably be hanging around here... spreading my razor-sharp wit and sarcasm about... As well as looking for the occasional game I can donate too, as I'll be travelling up towards the kw area every few months or so.

    Will likely be starting up a regular game in Ottawa in the new year as a few regulars in a local game have become disenchanted with their host.

    That's all for now folks... Ciao
  • Well great that you are back, we could always use more wit around here.. lol. Yep, played at Zithals many times. He still ran an occasional game as recent as 2019.
  • If you are in Ottawa, get some of that crowd to come on here, would be glad to welcome them.
  • Where will you be in Ottawa? Can we play together?
  • mosss45 wrote: »
    Where will you be in Ottawa? Can we play together?

    I'm in Greely... Will be putting together a game in the new year... Definitely welcome... Subject to credit and background checks... Jk
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