2021 CDN Election

So looks like a wash, another Lib minority... So why did we do this again...

P.S. Well Mike, so what did your sign do? Lib there, Milton and Oakville.

Canada looks strangly like our neighbour to the south. Left in major pop centres, Right in the less populous areas, NDP holding the balance and king makers...


  • I’m moving. May host a game in Aruba or Panama next year. :'(
  • Basically just a waste of time this election.
    compueaseToronto Pimp
  • HUGE waste of money.......Trudeau is an idiot
    Toronto PimpBfillmaff
  • Election results.... we all lost!
    Toronto PimpthisORthat
  • It's well past time for election reform....

    You know, like Trudeau campaigned partially on back in 2015, and then dropped it like 6 weeks into office? Ya.

    Wouldn't it be nice to see a politician with enough guts to do the right thing, even at the risk of their own re-election.

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    we're still waiting to figure out if Kitchener -Conestoga ridding will be Liberals or Conservatives , once again its down to almost 200 votes. Still 1 poll left to report


    We did get Mike Morris (Green) for the city center which I think is a good thing. and history made and gave green another seat.


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    niks1 wrote: »
    HUGE waste of money.......

    While I agree with most everyones thoughts on this election, this is really not the case. Time was wasted but very little money. I would say that most of the money stayed in Canada, circulating in Canada, therefore contributing to our economy. Think of all of the Canadian labour that goes into an election. So many seniors with part time jobs, sign makers for Mikes lawn, campaign bus drivers, advertisers, interviewers, polling station cleaner, just a host of Canadian jobs. Similar to the arguement that the space race was a waste of money, it was not. Most of the money stays within the economy. Think macro economics you folks...
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  • This is the actual tabulated main costs.. Doesn't have everything but you get the idea.


    In every election, what tends to cost the most is paying workers and renting office space for returning officers in 338 ridings and sites for 20,000 temporary polling stations.

    "Elections Canada during an election probably has the largest number of points of service of any organization," said Mayrand.

    By comparison, McDonald's has around 1,400 locations across the country.

    Compare the party platforms and see where the parties stand on the issues important to you.

    Other costs include supplies needed to set up polling stations such as computers, phones, signs, pencils and ballots.

    Consider the price of a regular ballot. It costs approximately seven cents for a piece of ballot paper and roughly 10 cents to print each one, depending on the number of candidates and the riding location, for example.

    Elections Canada says as many as 40 million ballots could be printed for this election.

    At 17 cents per ballot, that's a cost of $6.8 million alone.

    Why so many ballots? Ballots are ordered for every elector, not just those expected to vote. Elections Canada doesn't redistribute unused ballots from advance polls because they are sealed with other paperwork until counting begins on election night.
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    thisORthat wrote: »
    So who’s voting for who and why?

    I'm going to vote for which ever politician doesn't lie ...

    Not voting huh?

    OMG!!! My vote actually contributed to a Green MP getting elected.
  • I think that the election campaign is much more expensive than the elections themselves :)
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