What are you degens investing in/gambling on? I have been super into crypto since selling my practice in March, let me know if you want any advice on making some manies.


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    A few of the group of investors that I discuss stuff with use this page for crypto info. I myself am not a crypto investor but one thing they all say, don't use money you can't afford to lose and do NOT margin...

    This one is also good for news updates.
  • How do u set up a wallet?
  • I'm so far down the rabbit hole...

  • If I stick a garden hose in the hole and turn it on full blast will that help you get out?
  • investing . not an expert..i have a conservative portfolio...........gambling? o yea....horses.sports and i have been doing so since i got out out of high school............along time ago i might add...........
  • I bought bitcoins before and really happy :)
  • I just put one of Cleo's turds up as a limited edition NFT, if anyone is looking to invest:

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    I just put one of Cleo's turds up as a limited edition NFT, if anyone is looking to invest:


    Andrew……. WTF. And how do I get in on that ? Roxy us some shits that are 2 pounds
  • This thread has definitely taken a "shitty" turd, err turn..
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  • For you folks that are "into" crypto's can you offer any advice. I have one son who is down the rabbit hole pretty deep and I do have some concerns. He sure talks a good story and says he is making money, albeit he has only been involved for the past couple of months or so. He says he is making money and talks about it incessantly. Any good stories or links I can give him to be cautious about, ie scams, etc? He already knows he should have a hardware wallet and plans on getting there but assuming he does is there still a risk? Other than the gamble that is... Maybe I will get onto it as well, at least in a small way. No more than a dozen or so bitcoins... :p
  • "everyone's a genius in a bull market"
  • Comp...I own over 50 different projects and the market is currently much better than the legacy stock market. The bull run in crypto will end abruptly and with a huge downswing...but should have about a 5x upside to go if you invest wisely. You can email me for any info you would like. I'll message you on here with my current contact info.
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    "everyone's a genius in a bull market"

    May as well be in the best bull market of all time then
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