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So I decided I wanted to buy tickets for tonight's Lotto Max but I don't want to have to go into a lottery retailer to get them. I had set up an account with OLG online awhile ago but I never used it nor did I link my bank account. This morning I linked my account and transferred $15 to purchase tickets for tonight. Apparently OLG has a promotion on where they will match your deposit (at least $15 to a max of $300) with "casino cash" to be used in their online casino. Whoo hoo, free money to gamble.

I decided I'd try my luck at my second favourite casino game - blackjack (my favourite is craps) - so proceeded to bet $5/hand in the hopes of clearing the bonus and making a few bucks. I wasn't sure what the "earn" requirements were but a quick read of the T&C's seemed to say you had to bet 10x the bonus to have it transferred to your cash account. I played 30 hands and ran my account up to $32.50. When I checked it was still in the "bonus" account so I did some more research and discovered that blackjack required 100x play, not 10. Oh, well, I decided to give it a go. After making a total of $1,450 in bets (increasing to $10/hand whenever I got over $50 in my account) I was up to $182.50 in my account. I needed another $50 in bets to earn my bonus so I upped by bet to $25, knowing that at worst I'd be up $132.50 if I lost the next two hands. Lo and behold didn't I get a double-down hand, made the bet and won, so I ended up with $232.50 in my cash account. Whoo hoo again - OLG effectively gave me $232.50 for buying $15 worth of tickets for tonight's draw. Let's hope my luck holds!!!
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  • that's awesome
  • Just so ya's knows, my luck with Lotto Max sucked last night.
  • Gogie wrote: »
    Just so ya's knows, my luck with Lotto Max sucked last night.

    Are you the maths guy, what are the pot odds again?
  • I guess I'll jump on the old 'Internet 2.0' bandwagon

    "The Ontario Lotto Gangstas Corporation (OLG) has announced that the jackpot-winning ticket, worth $21,185,218.10, was sold online at OLG.ca to an Ontario resident."

    [yes I read an article before posting it /s]

  • I like playing poker more because you can influence the outcome of the game. Lotareya is sheer luck :#
  • mosss45 wrote: »
    Lotareya is sheer luck :#

    Not all lottery number combinations have the same EV... So it is a game of chance and skill.
  • Anything with a 7 in it are more likely to hit, so 7, 17, 27, 37 and 47 are the best choices, trust me.
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    compuease wrote: »
    Anything with a 7 in it are more likely to hit, so 7, 17, 27, 37 and 47 are the best choices, trust me.

    I'm just not that trusting of a fellow... Since 2009 for the 6/49 drawings (1332 draws)... Numbers with a 7 (27, 7, 17, 37, 47) are....22nd, 31st, 33rd, 34th, & 42nd in frequency drawn, respectively.

  • That just means they are now more likely... Just like if you don't see a 7 on the flop for several hands, a 7 is then more likely to come out. 😉
  • Seriously... I can't believe you're just telling everyone what I thought was a closely held secret. Most people haven't even heard of, let alone read, The Law of Humongously Huge Numbers and Their Floppy Consequences... and you just want to sum it up and broadcast it to the masses!? My children have to eat, ya know!!!
  • I will ask the admin to delete my comments, sorry... :s
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    For those of you who don't believe anyone ever wins the lottery, my sister back in NB won $25,649 in an Atlantic Lottery draw a month ago. She obviously has more luck than me!
  • splitzy's? However you have us....
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