Hey everyone!
Obviously if you've played any of the Friday night Covid games with me you know that I suck at online pokerzzzzz. I'm not planning on ever playing high stakes. I'm quite happy playing microstakes SnG tournies and cash cames online. I do reasonably well at my live, low stakes home game when that was a thing (and plan on doing the same when it comes back!) but online just never clicks for me. I've read a number of poker books over the years but for whatever reason I can't always translate that to online play. If I were to look at coaching:
Where would you start looking?
How much should I plan on this costing me?
How long would you suggest paying for coaching, in terms of hour long sessions?
What would you suggest the coach look at?
I need to weigh the cost vs benefit before I pull the trigger.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions!


  • I've been considering subscribing to ThisIsaTravist via twitch.
    He's a streamer that offers coaching...
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
    edited April 2021 and they have a discord channel that you can ask question. ask about hands.. etc It's the site I use and Ryan is amazing and has a once a week ask any questions you want on a zoom call. It's not meant for a beginner but if you know things like ICM and GTO and standard poker lingo it's good!
  • Hey MrCaspan, I following the Blog of "BlackRain79" whom to me has a good strategy for killing it at the micros. I get daily emails on poker strategy and they are all great read. He has the #1 Winnings of All-time at the micros book which to me is good strategy you can take in any poker game really. What range of hands to play online depending on 6 or 9 at the table. All and all its helped me with my online game.
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