20 buyin/rebuy/add-on 8pm EST

Hello everyone,
I host a nightly tournament with about 30-50 players on Pokerbros app.
Prize pool is usually between 1.5k -2K with first prize being over $600.
How to play? download pokerbros.net app
Request to join with below info
Club ID 205947
Referral ID 35778
My contact number is posted in the club lobby so we can communicate directly.


  • Hey GameRunner... are deposits made on the app or to you?
  • Me by etransfer, I been hosting games like these for about 5 years and can proof the money is handled professionally.
  • You might need to do that or have a PokerForum.ca member vouch for you to make it a bit easier!
  • Well you gotta start somewhere and I understand there may be hesitation and that's okay. Private clubs are like the new wave of online
    I think once we speak on a one to one bases and I'm given a chance to show proof of my legitimacy, it won't be an issue.
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