Yahoo Fantasy Baseball?

Thinking of running a Fantasy Baseball league this year. I have been in them before but not for a few years. Anyone have any interest? Thinking maybe $20. entry fee to keep it interesting and affordable. Be aware that it takes more time on a day to day basis to manage your team than it does in fantasy hockey. I am currently in a hockey league as well. Season starts Apr 1 so if I do this draft would likely be the weekend before, Mar 24/25. If I do this likely only 12 entries and I will start a list. If not enough here, then I will open it up to friends/family.


  • May do. msg seekthegrail as well.
  • Can you provide details on the operation? Yahoo lists different ways to run a fantasy league. I might be interested but don't hold me to it. If you get enough before I commit don't worry about me.
  • I'm thinking the week to week heads up points totals not just categories. Trouble is you need to be pretty active as a manager.
  • compueasecompuease Admin
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    If there is enough interest, might even do it for a weekly prize as well. I think there are 26 weeks in the schedule so if we each threw in another $26. then we could have a $12. prize each week for whichever team gets the most points that week. Just a thought.
    Then the $20. each would make a prize pool of $240. Maybe that would be 160 for 1st and 80 for 2nd?
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