2021, Woooooo!

Happy new year everyone!

I'm Terry. Just got here. I don't know what else to say, I guess I've been into poker since spring of 2018. I know it hasn't been long, but I mean it has absolutely consumed my life. Funny that I started on the WSOP free-to-play app. There was just something about it that left me with a feeling this is more then a "fun, just killing time" kind of app, that I had tens upon tens of already lol.

I found myself playing for a few hrs, then immediately going on youtube and typing in things like "bet sizing", "poker odds by hand", just general terms like that. It opened up a whole world of excitement for me when I started to realise that poker is anything but luck of the draw and that it had so much more to do with the player, position and mathematical probabilities. Of course, a little luck too.

I've been absolutely obsessed. I have a couple books now, hundreds of hours of past tourneys watched, poker podcasts filling up my phone like crazy and roughly 5-8,000 hands on 888 micro stakes (I hoped to have A LOT more but technological difficulties made that impossible).

Thanks for welcoming me, just looking for a place where there are more poker freaks to talk too. I'm the only one of my friends and family unfortunately.


  • Welcome, where are you from?
  • Welcome to the forum @Bottom_Set, it can be quite frustrating loving poker and having no one to talk to about it!!

    Please feel free to browse the forums. And we hold a weekly game on PS on Friday and Tuesday and some other cash games and tournaments games are hosted online by other players. Once COVID is over maybe we might get some home games going again!!
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