$20 NL Ho Ho Holdem Christmas Tournament - 5PM

December 19th, 2020
MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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The game is on PokerStars Home games and it will be using play money so get some if you don't have any before the start of the game. If you don't have any play money to register with post here and your PokerStars name and someone will help you out and transfer you some. For non regular players, please make sure you e-transfer @compuease your entry fee BEFORE the game starts like maybe the day before not 5 min before the game starts!!

Structure is:
No Limit Texas Hold'em, 10K starting stack, 15 minute blinds, late registration is available for 1.5 hours, NO REBUYS. Payout will be based on the number of plyers but will be minimum 1st, 2nd, 3rd and all money goes to the prize pool. Tournament is on PokerStars home games club #3221940 and you'll get the password once you have paid your entry fee. Please make sure if you are messaging @compuease that you tell him your PokerStars name and your email address that the e-transfer will be coming from maybe a real name will help also.

For regular PokerForum.ca players please REGISTER NOW so that we have an idea of numbers!

Here is the link for you YouTube live stream:


  • Currently only 5 signups so far. Come on guys and gals register now as it will encourage others.
  • I'm in the tourney AND for the commentating...

    Now the question is, will I wait until the tourney to have some rum, or have a mutual kick-off? :)
  • Start at noon ok... On Friday...
  • compuease wrote: »
    Start at noon ok... On Friday...

    Trying to up y'alls chances ? lol

  • Why is this starting at 5? Most people will be making or having dinner. Wouldn't 2pm be a better start time
  • That would go into dinner anyways and I have a wife for that... :)

    This has been posted for about 10 days now. You never complained... Maybe Mark will send you skip the dishes...
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
    edited December 2020
    aren't you old Mario you should be eating dinner at 4PM.. /s
  • I'm watching the stream how can I comment?
  • You can comment in youtube
  • Great podcast quality commentary MrC -- concise empathic reasoning, no berating others' play styles, sober thoughts, et m.
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
    edited December 2020
    Great game tonight, here are the results, let me know if you like this format might do this once every 2 months! something like last Saturday of every even month number?


    Final hand, Mark gets his all in called with a bluff catcher only!

  • DrT proves once again that it pays to be an arsemouth. Finally got caught speeding !

  • Lol.. Passive aggressiveness is fun.

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