Made it to the Purple felt (final table) last night on GGPoker $5 Daily Classic

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It was only a $5 tournament nothing special and was basically me just trying to hold on and no super special hands but curious my last 2 hands if anyone has any opinions on them.. Once you get to 20BB it's almost a crap shoot. Curious if I should have waited for better cards and a better spot. Like why did I play 4.5 hours to play hands like K5s. Getting to final table in a field of 300 is just a good feeling as well dodging landmines of really green players doing plays that just leave you scratching your head. I'm still finding it hard playing players like this, it's basically tighten up and then drop the hammer with the nuts is the only play against them.. Anyways here is the stream!

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  • Good job Steve.
  • Thanks @Toronto Pimp hit the cash again today and posted on youtube but didn't last as long LOL. Man these tournament can wear you down!
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    Nice cash Steve. I watched most of the final table action. I would have played some hands different, but that's my style vs. yours, not a criticism. For example, the first hand on at the FT you had A9os in late middle position and raised to 3BB when it was folded to you. The big stack was on the button and he re-raised to 11.6BB so of course you had to fold. I probably would have folded A9os immediately rather than try to play the hand for a few reasons: you're betting into the big stack who has position on you and you're new to the table. I like to try to get a feel for the table before I get involved in middling hands.

    The only other comment I have is your play on your last two hands. Your 2nd last hand was KTos in the BB, which isn't bad 4-handed. You were the 2nd big stack so no need to get rambunctious. When the button shoved for almost half your stack I think I'm folding every time in that situation. Why risk so much when any A or pocket pair puts you behind? You went from 2nd to short stack in that one hand on a gamble. The next hand you get Kd3d in the SB and the button raises 2.3BB. I probably would fold and let the big stack defend rather than shoving. Kd3d is only very marginally better than K3os and I'm pretty sure you fold K3os there. Don't let any two suited cards fool you.

    Again, just the way I tend to think and I have the advantage of hindsight here. Looking at my play on the Pokerforum games you can see I have marginal success so take my comments for what they're worth. :blush:
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  • Thanks @Gogie , yeah on that last hand after I thought about it more, it was not the best move to defend from the SB with such a marginal hand. With the amount of BB I had you really have to pick your spots as the hand before that shows it can cripple you. It's so hard playing that tight and I like to play aggressive in those spots which I think is a bad play but it does work when facing other marginal hands.. Time to start working on my short game!
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