LEAP Toy Drive Tourney #1 Thurs Nov 26 8pm

Come out for a great cause with good people. We had a lot of success with the FoodBank fundraisers earlier in the year. Same format in that it is a 50/50, Prize Pool - Toy Drive . No rake. Played in Home Games section of Poker Stars like our Forum Tournies.
Contact hello@justleap.ca for Registration and details.


  • 20 ppl signed up so far for tonight. Hopefully a few more between now and 8p.m.
    $20.00 Entry. $10 to toy drive, 10.00 to prize pool. No rake.
    Thank you to the forumers who have already signed up. Much appreciated!!
  • I clicked 'sit out next hand' to go grab a drink. As I get back heart thumps for premium hand only to realize it was mucked. I went tilt after that.

  • Congrats to torontotablecpt for placing second.

  • Thank you to the forumers that came out and played last night. It also included BarcardiShots and my dad walywatchout. Solid representation from Coffin and ThisorThat. The poker tourney added $280 to the Leap Toy Drive, which along with other donations sits at $735.00. The hope is to run another Tournament next Thursday if there is sufficient interest. Contact hello@justleap.ca if you are interested in playing.
  • Is there another game tomorrow night?
  • Yes there is. Posting it now. Thought I already had.
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