Need some help finding my leak playing online

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So I am having a hell of a time trying to find my leak playing poker online. I have about 81K of cash hands and I seem to fall within all the ranges kind of. Wondering if anyone else that has knowledge of PokerTracker can maybe help me out a bit here.

Sorry removed screenshots as they can give away some leaks that other plyers could exploit!


  • I would be willing to pay someone that has used this in the past to maybe help me go over my PokerTracker database as well. Maybe sit down for 2-3 hours and just sift through it.
  • I'm nowhere close to an expert, but from my quick look at your stats, it seems you're playing too passive. Not 3betting preflop enough. Folding to cbets too much also. Posting some positional stats could help with some feedback too.
    Again, I'm no expert at all. Just my two cents.
  • Yeah sorry i had to take them down as one user pointed out to me this basically reveals my whole game...

    Thanks for that feedback trigs
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