Tues Nov 12th Casino Niagara tourney

I am 90% going to play this Tuesday’s tournament.

anyone else ?

card dead may try for another big cash this week.


  • I should be there by 1 and out by 1:15 :D
  • If the roads are in good shape I will be there on time .
  • Good luck getting there with this shitty weather.
  • payperview wrote: »
    Good luck getting there with this shitty weather.


    this thing likes the snow, I just drive slow and steady.
  • Just don’t take any winter driving lessons from Trigs and you’ll be fine.

  • Sweet. Glad you made it safe. Over 200 accidents yesterday reported.
  • Today was a strange day. Started out with a stack that had an extra 1000 in it, told the dealer and Carl fixed the problem.

    then on table 1 there was a crazy guy that looked like Kid Rock’s ugly brother. He stood up about 10 mins into the tournament screaming like like a little girl and clapping his hands and jumping up and down. I thought maybe he won the whole tournament already but no, he just got a double up when his pocket Aces held.

    i busted my first bullet just before level 3 ended with a set over set situation.


    just before the re-buy period ended ...... literally the last hand I had A6 of clubs against one the most aggressive young players at Niagara. He min raised pre flop and I called from the small blind. Flop comes 579 with 2clubs I check call a very small bet turn is red 8. I check and the young fellow jams all in........ he had pocket Aces. Hehehehee...... double up right at the break.

    next 2 levels were boring then I get busted when I have J 10 of spades in a 3 way pot flop comes KQ4 all spades. I bet half pot and one guy calls and one folds. Turn is red ace. Guy shoves I call he has A spades 3 diamonds. River spade.


    i just hope the ding a ling on table 1 doesn’t win the tournament.

    as usual the tournament dealers did a very good job and I was happy to have friendly tables with people who showered before they came.
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