Niagara tourney nov 4th or 5th ......

Anybody thinking of playing either of the weekly’ s this week ?

I am going to go for one of them just not sure which one .

anybody have the day off or is old as fuck and retired ?

let’s Pokerz.


  • Monday - possibly
  • See ya there Glen.

    anyone else ......
  • 20 left.... Caed dead and i still alive
  • I busted 19th...... card dead still alive.

    on my drive home he texted that he was playing better than Michael Jordan’s 1991-92 playoffs run.

    hope he takes it down !

    go Glen go
  • I think Glen is spending his winnings on midget hookers and blow or he is exhausted from his super long day.

    he took 3rd place for bags of cash !

    congrats and well deserved for grinding your tiny little nub of a stack into the top 3. Time to quit painting and go Pro.
  • You are correct sir, I was wiped, and i had to work yesterday.

    But i can confirm that i luckboxed my way into 3rd place, grinding the short stack from the time there were 14 players left until i was eliminated. Not through skill, but through the good graces of bad players with big stacks who were quite happy to pound on each other in super light spots.
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