Koho Prepaid VISA

The Koho prepaid VISA is a zero-fee prepaid card. You don't need to link it to a bank account to load it, you can load it via emt. You can even lock the card via the app so it seems secure to me. The process was super easy. Sent the emt from my bank and it was processed within 15 minutes (the deposit is automatic as soon as Koho receives it so any delay is how long it takes for your bank to send the emt). They pay a $20 bonus for your first purchase and offer 0.5% cashback on all purchases. There is another $40 bonus for establishing a direct deposit and CRA direct deposit refunds count as long as it is over $500.

PAD information: Transit - 16001; Institution - 621; Account# - 12 account #

You get a virtual card on the app and they also mail you a physical card. You can use the virtual card right away online without waiting for the physical card. The app is thumbprint, pin and secondary question protected. I have not used it yet to deposit to gaming sites but since it works as an ordinary VISA card, gaming sites should take it.

You can transfer funds with no fee to other Koho users and withdrawals are free via emt to yourself.

If anyone wants to try this card my referral code is 0SYH1BTD, which gets you and I the $20 bonus. If you just want free money, get the app, load it with $5 and buy a $0.15 egift card on amazon.ca The $20 will be credited to your account instantly.

There is no online access, you must use the app through your phone. You receive an instant notification on your phone everytime you use the card. Because you must load it to use it, there is no hit on your credit rating (nor would using this card improve your credit rating). You can't overdraw the card. If there are insufficient funds it will send you a notification via the app.



  • trigs wrote: »

    If you mean it's hard to believe there is a zero fee prepaid VISA card out there - I agree. Most prepaid CC have ridiculous fees.

    For example the BMO prepaid card is $6.95 per year. $3.00 for withdrawals and has a $100 min reload.

    Canada Post is even worse - VISA - $15 to purchase the card, $3 to reload, $3 monthly service fee. Canada Post M/C is $15 to buy, $3 reload, $2.80 monthly inactivity fee, 1.5% transaction fee.

    If you are looking for a secure way to make online purchases without worrying about your info being stolen and accounts drained - this is it. As well it is great for transferring and receiving money. No fees and 0.5% cashback to boot.
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