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  • Back at it

    Hey all, been off the forum for a while but back at er.
    Have a good summer.
  • Cambridge Card Club

    Good Day Poker Pholks
    Just to let everyone know that I will be starting back up on August 19, 2022. venue to be announced later. It looks like Guelph will be the new city. So need new name.

  • Calgary poker room suggestions.

    In case anyone is reading this in the future, Deerfoot has a very well run room. 8-10 tables, decent dealers, bathrooms, own cage, own waitress. 10% rake to $7 for $1-$3 + $1 bonus, match the stack buy-in. Play is typical for $1-$3, lots of regulars who play poorly, lots of small stacks who shove often. Choose your spots and roll up. I ended up in a 4-way all-in post-flop when I had the nuts. That was a +$600 hand.
  • Hi guys

    I absolutely love poker! All aspects.. playing, dealing, rare rules… anything poker. Will be looking for info on running a home game. Thanks!
  • Hey, Hi and Hello There

    Hey folks. New member checking in.
    I have been hosting a regular cash game in Tillsonburg, Ontario for a number of years now. I am also a new home owner this past year and have been working on putting together my own dedicated poker room called 'THE LOUNGE'. This is a friendly, safe and rake free home game. We play 6 handed up to 10 handed - .25c/.50c blinds with optional unlimited straddles. Right now we run NLHE exclusively with crazy pineapple being the standard for our frequent double board bomb pots ranging from $2.00 - $5.00 ante. 7-2 bounty is on for $2.00. We usually have a dedicated dealer. Min/Max buy ins - $20.00 - $100.00 and re-buy / top off up to the biggest stack. It really is a deep game and most nights see north of 4000bb in play with record nights well over 6000bb. It is a laid back engagement with tons of juicy action and clips along pretty hot dog roller though...yet.
  • Intro

    Hey I’m new to the group, from K/W.

    Welcome! You're in the right place to find live games that aren't at a casino! Keep an eye out for games by Zithal, Moose, KWMatt, LaBeach (or Beach2002 whatever his nickname is now) and myself. If you're willing to travel a bit, Trigs runs a game out of Hamilton area.

  • Introduction

    New from Kitchener ON
  • AK suited or KK pre flop all in which one do you prefer?

    I am willing to shove AA, KK, QQ, AKo, AKs any day against anything pre flop I let variance take care of the rest and complain to the rail if I get beat by a worse hand....

    "He called a raise with QT honey!!" - Phil H
  • Introduction

    Hello, my name is Shawn aka Frenchy. I am a poker enthusiast that has been playing locally (KW) on and off for a couple of decades. I did at one time host several tournaments in the cambridge area. It would be a pleasure to join this forum.
  • AK suited or KK pre flop all in which one do you prefer?

    This reminds me of an old thread where HVEE said it is easier to hit a set with pocket 10’s, then any other pair. And Wetts told him to take some time off poker. I assume he would give the OP the same advice here.