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    Thanks guys, it was fun. Makes getting crushed in cash games almost bearable.

    So i took Mike’s advice and went to the Bellagio with my winnings to play some 2/5 and here’s how it went down.

    Call 20 from the button in a 5 way pot with AJss. Flop is 965ss, and i call 40 by original raiser, and 2 ppl call behind. Pot is 260, turn is Kh and utg jams for over pot and we all have to fold. He shows K9.
    Open with KJhh, get 2 callers and flop is Qxx no heart and have to fold.
    Open with AQ vs 1 caller and board is Jxx and have to fold.
    Open with 55, get 2 callers, flop a set, check flop, bet river and get no callers.
    Open with AJcc, flop is J56cc, bet 30, k9 guy calls. Turn is Ad, i bet 60, he shoves, i call obv, he has 55, i brick the river.

    Total elapsed time: 58 mins
    I surrender! 🤮
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