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    Biking Rte66 to Vegas

    Posting this on behalf of Steve K of Orangeville Poker Tour fame. Hope he's ok with posting it here. Maybe some others would be interested. Both he and Greg are members here but haven't posted in a long time. Actually just checked and both last logged in in May 2018.
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    Hi All,
    So Summer 2020 Greg and Myself and maybe some others will be riding our bikes to Vegas along Route 66, this is a bucket list trip and we are really looking forward to it.
    Anyways if you would like to join us on your bike, or meet us in Vegas for the WSOP, the basic plan for us is to leave Friday June 5th, arrive Vegas Wednesday June 10th and leave Vegas for home on Tuesday June 16th.
    We have already booked our rooms at the Rio from June 10th to June 16th and are getting a pretty good deal of $17 to $20 a night plus resort fees and taxes.
    More details can be found here
    Check it out and let me know if you want to ride with us or if you want to meet us there. If enough people meet us there, we may be able to arrange a group dinner and/or group get together at a bar or something.


    Steve K
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    I’ll send him a tweet but this ride is epic. Did it twice, once rode the whole way and took 3 weeks to explore everything. Next time we “pussied out” and trailered the bikes down and just Did day rides.

    must go to the Elbow Inn in Devils Elbow. Don’t want to ruin it for you by describing everything but it is friggin amazing. A total dive bar but Amazing !

    I named all my bikes, this on was called Purple Rain. Bike had factory cruise control and I could ride it no hands for miles.

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    and this ..... we found an abandoned bike on the side of the road in some small town Tennessee and took some pics.

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    good times for sure.

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    Sounds cool.

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