Just some helpful tips for new people that are new to the forum for Local games.

Please only post games that you are hosting or that you have explicit permission to post about IE a game at a local bar that runs every week.

I Want to Post a Local Game:
Prefix: Show what kind of game it is (Cash/Tournament)
Title: Be descriptive

$100 NL Tournament (No Rebuys) Turbo - Cash game to follow - Kitchener (Fisher-Halman/Ottawa area)
25c/25c (25NL) - Kitchener (Fisher-Halman/Ottawa area

The more descriptive your title is the easier it is for a user to know if they want to play


Put as much detail here as possible, the more the better

For a tournament put your blind structures, payout structure anything that you think would be relevant for someone to know for the game. At the bottom of your post you can put a list of users that have said YES to go and you can just keep editing the original post to add people

  1. Steve
  2. Jim
  3. Bob
  4. Frank

Some people like to put the rules in a second post that has all the rules on it but that is up to you

I Would Like to Attend a Local Game:
Read the title of the post and make sure you understand the game you are saying yes to play. If you have questions then just post to the thread and ask. Once you say In the Original Poster (OP) when they get a chance to will add you to the first thread. Please be patient this will not happen automatically give them time.

Please do not reply to a game if you are unsure if you can go as you will take up a spot for someone that can go. Please be respectful. It is up to the person hosting the game to allow you to come play. IT IS THEIR HOUSE THEIR RULES... closer to the date of the game please PM the user for their address. FOR SAFETY REASONS DO NOT POST ADDRESS ON THE FORUM.

If you are a new user to the forum make sure you introduce yourself in the Introduction Forum so users know who you are.