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    Support best-value $165 before poker becomes extinct in Ontario

    It is the best-value $165 tournament I have ever played, as forum alumni & TD 13CARDS uses the slow WPT blind structure and the rake is the same 11.8% as many other $1Ks and $3Ks! :eek: For example, today's tournament was from 12:30 to 11:30 pm, so 11 hours is plenty of play for only $165, more than all the low buy-ins in Las Vegas with unbeatable rake (& 30% taxes) and Rama's $300.

    A few players actually complained before that it was taking too long, :rolleyes: so a few blind levels were taken away just so that these Cinderellas won't have to play past midnight and turn into pumpkins. For example, the "Allen Kessler mandatory level" of 250/500 was taken away (between 200/400 and 300/600), and the 11th level is 4500/9000 (skipping 4K/8K and 5K/10K).

    I understand how many players came to hate the Fallsview poker room, but since meeting with a couple of casino shift managers last year, I am pleasantly surprised that some of the suggestions have started to be implemented in the new Casino Niagara room, with more improvements to come, including for WPT Fallsview. :-X 13CARDS and Amy are doing a great job with the two weekly tournaments, working overtime for 12 hours (or more) until the first place winner gets the big novelty cheque and photo taken.

    There is finally a dedicated poker manager, who is willing to try things to see if they will get supported. There does not seem to be enough players willing to play the $535 so the buy-in will be lowered. IF these tournaments get more support, then more can be added instead of Great Canadian Gaming and Gateway Gaming continuing to kill poker in Ontario casinos.

    Quote Originally Posted by TricityAA View Post
    For those that have played in this tournament, could someone confirm and also add how fast they feel this tournament moves as seems by first few hours it could be push/shove poker with less than 20 BB
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    Great post BlondeFish ! I agree, Niagara has done a great job with the new poker room and the new tournaments. I wish I could play on Tuesdays. The WEEKLY buy-in of $535 was a little much for me to commit to. Any idea what the new price will be and when they will start the lower price Sunday tournaments ?

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    I would love them to just make the Sunday tournament exactly the same except I would be afraid they would have too many players to seat them all... I agree though they have really stepped up their game at Niagara... good job 13CARDS, just in case you are still lurking.
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