Hey I play for fun on the MTT at $1 or so and some freerolls that are worth it (like $3000 vegas 888 poker). I always play fast MTT format which blinds go up every 3-4 mins and the blind structure is aggressive.

I want to talk about the internet everywhere telling us how to play MTT at each stages of a MTT and how the "big stack", "middle stack" and "short stack" should be playing.

I've been watching twitch quite a bit and following certain players on there and reading up on MTT and I've always noticed (especially for freerolls or low stake MTT) that the big stack is aggressive EVEN after the bubble!

The question is...
How wide is his range ???

My objective is to make the money like most people while keeping 15-20BB once bubble is done and I'm analyzing during the middle tournament and pre-bubble who's stealing from me like crazy (its important for what I'm about to do)

I'm also stalling 15 secs every hand.. They hate me and are annoyed they have me labelled as super tight rock.

Where am I going with this ?

I have 20 BB the bubble is done, everyone folds to the big stack, he raises on the button, SB folds, I'm the BB and I'm going all-in with Ax, Kx, even Qx because the odds are in my favor that he's got nothing.

Last time I did that I had KJs vs T8o .. Im like 65-70% to win this heads up. Sure he can eliminate me but the math don't lie.

Isn't that better then having a strong hand like TT going all-in and getting called with AK .. Thats like 55% or if u have AK 45% yikes.

Doing that twice all-in with 65-70% win rate im now up to 75-80BB and have a shot of winning the tournament while making SURE that I make the bubble since I wasn't taking much risk pre-bubble to bust.

Is this a bad strategy since its different then the internet? They say you must play to win and scr.ew the bubble.

What do you guys think ?