Thread: Live Tournaments in Winnipeg?

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    Live Tournaments in Winnipeg?

    I've been playing exclusively online, and I think I'm about ready to try a B&M tournament. Club Regent in Winnipeg runs regular tourneys, and it's relatively close to home, so I was considering that for my start.

    Weekly Poker Tournaments | Casinos of Winnipeg

    Has anyone played there? Are the tournaments filled with regs who will run me over, or are they hard-pressed to get 60 people registered? As a complete casino novice, what can I expect?

    (Tried searching the forum, but there was no recent thread about this casino, so I figured it was OK to start a new one.)

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    Don't know anything specific about poker in Manitoba but in general when playing at a casino.

    1/ Don't string bet, announce your raises verbally.

    2/ Try to only act in turn.

    3/ keep track of pot size.

    4/ Pay attention to others around you and what they are doing. Try not to look at your cards and give off physical tells.

    5/ Be friendly, especially to those to your left.

    6/ If playing cash, tip the dealer for pots won.

    7/ try not to wear online poker swag, it only makes you a target.
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