The 5th game of the Spring season for the Shared League is set up in the PFC BAP League Home Games Club. This club is soley for the BAP share league games. Please read the outline for the club provided in the following link to make sure this style is for you:

Poker Share league - What it is and guidelines etc.

Club info:

Club Name: PFC BAP League
Club Id: 103428
Pw: all4114all

Please enter your forum name in the space provided for your name when applying. Also, please send a PM to Sharantyr with your application info. Failure to do so may result in delayed response or rejection of your request.

Tuesday April 16 @ 21:30ET
Tournament buy in 1.10
BAP buy in @ 5.50. Send to Sharantyr on Stars.

If we reach our target pot of $55.00, any thing over will be awarded to second place up to $55.00.

Hope to see you all out!



Got work due to taking time off this weekend but I am in for a piece of course. If something gets going I will take care of transfers after I am done tonight! Thanks for your patience

Shar - Paid