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    Pokerstars - Moncton Poker League!

    Hey all,

    If you happen to have stumbled on this thread, I'm assuming its because your an avid poker player like me and live in the surrounding area. I am currently entertaining the idea of setting up an regular online Local League using Pokerstars Home Games that would be open to anyone in New Brunswick and even surrounding provinces and am reaching out for further interest.

    The idea is to generate regularly scheduled ( weekly or bi-weekly ) low to micro stake tournaments which would track results/standings over a given period of time(season) using a points system which players would be rewarded for their results. Or perhaps in the future, even setup some incentives to play some private satellites to bigger online or local(live events.

    The exact details will be worked out soon and I am just trying to find further interest. We currently will probably have 10-20 players, but I'm looking to expand this to a much larger number.

    Just some information about us;

    I currently have been playing poker 8+ years and there has been no lack of private/public games in the Moncton area. For the past 6 years I have been playing in 3 seperate regular home leagues which are still today alive an active. We are all very much poker junkies and are always looking for opportunities to play. Many of us take the game very seriously, while others just casually.

    You can visit several of the home leagues I play in here;

    Lewisville Poker Tour ( main site )
    Lewisville Poker Tour ( forum )

    I encourage you to join our small but very active forum and introduce yourself.

    If you would like anymore information, ask here, our forum or send me a PM. I will try and respond in a timely manner.
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