I started another thread about the format, but the other area I am curious to get discussion on is buy in size.

At events and following results, I hear time and time again that players would love a smaller buy-in and that it would most likely result in being able to hit the 128 or 254 brackets if it was offered.

I tend to disagree and while I find heads up poker some of the most exciting as it brings out the best players of a specialized discipline, I think that is precisely why it should be left for the high rollers.

In trying to recruit players for 2 past COPC, I did a ton of back and forth with players with massive MTT earnings. I was surprised to find the vast majority, admittedly didn't feel like Heads Up was something they felt like a favorite all day at. The risk vs reward wasn't there, especially based on prize pool

I find the best online HU specialists ordinarily grind at stakes much lower than most live event buy-ins but their experience makes it worth taking a shot at the 5 or 10k events. Aside from them, there are guys with egos or bankrolls that want a shot just because it's different and usually closely followed, there are huge bragging rights attached.

All that aside, single elimination is the best that one is going to get at events <$1000 and even when Red Deer offered a double elimination at $500 and had their own players and two million plus cities to draw from an hour and a half on either side, still didn't cap. At around $300 or $400 if combined with another huge series, they do alright, but most serious HU players will agree one match for one buy in is not the best and might pass, prob won't make a special trip for anyway.

At COPC, many players, mostly observers to the 5k said that they would play at $2500. Looking at the LA Bike, at around the same price, they only drew
23 entries.

Sats are hard, because Heads Up are expensive to run. One dealer for two players means the rake will have to be high or the structure poor and while players may say build it they will come, it just isn't popular with the majority. A ton of players are just not confident enough to make it a priority in their event selection.

MTT formats or SNG into HU usually result in players wanting the cash or dumping the seat to a player that would have bought one anyway, so do little to increase numbers.

The WSOP has more than enough bankrolls and egos to fill theirs and players are there anyway or online grinders that are competent enough to justify the trip.

The NBC is about the TV, not everyone can enter and the buy in pretty much means it will be those well known enough to get staked or loaded.

So personally, I think that we shouldn't expect to see any increase in these events anytime soon and almost want to keep buy ins where they are to continue to see the ones offered be semi successful. 64 max is the minimum and is now the standard, although growing to 128 capped constantly would be ideal for everyone, players and organizers. Not likely here in Canada and the if the other large events like PCA and LAPC are settling with a much better shot, doesn't seem like an open 128 or greater is realistic outside the WSOP.

Someone must have thoughts on this all, let's hear em!