Thread: What hands do u raise/disguise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by payperview View Post
    Since there r not too many posts here I am curious to see what hands people raise with. Lets use limits being 5/10 and post the hand range for utg AdQd or on the button 7s8s. Lets pretend the average players preflop range from 4 - 7 depending if a raise early position or not.
    As others have said...

    You are asking the wrong question.
    There are much more important things than the cards in your hands.

    Give more details of the situation

    For example:

    Live 1/2NL $400 game in a underground casino. Rake is $5 max 10%
    You're UTG with AdQd, everyone has 200BB effective stacks.

    To your left is a big loose aggressive fish who's dropped 5 buy in in the last hour to the guy to his left who's a very good and very aggressive player who's been isolating the fish with almost any two cards and outplaying him postflop. The table is loud and drinking, The blinds are two attractive ladies who are playing very very tight and are distracting the fish with their decolletage. You believe the other players regard you as a tight aggressive dangerous player.

    What would you do here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReefAquarium View Post
    For example:

    Live 1/2NL $400 game in a underground casino.
    ... except he's probably not playing 1/2NL at the limit table.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Name
    Limit Holdem This forum is for Limit Holdem Strategy

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