Thread: Casino Niagara to Eliminate Weekly Blackjack Tournement

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    Casino Niagara to Eliminate Weekly Blackjack Tournement

    The end of an era is upon us.
    For years Casino Niagara has offered a weekly thursday Big Deal Blackjack tournement.
    For just $20, one can enter and can have a chance to win up to $1000 (something I have done several times).
    The last tournement will be held Thurs. March 26th, then they will be discontinued and replaced with some type of other 'table game' tournement yet to be defined, but probably with a -EV.

    So, why is it being discontinued? For years now the tournement is +EV just by random math.

    Total Payouts: $2, 225
    Intake: 18 players X 7 sessions X $20/player = $2, 520
    Profit= 2520-2225= $295

    And this small profit margin is only met if every single session is full with players, which has not been the case for many months now.

    The last few weeks have had the total number of players:
    Feb 12- 107 = -$85 loss
    Feb 19- 93 = -$365 loss
    Feb 26- 96 = -$305 loss
    Mar 5 - 110 = -$25 loss

    Plus staff costs ontop of these losses just with the payouts, which don't change regardless of the player turnout.

    This was the one truly +EV tournement offered by niagara/fallsview, and I can say for the years I have played it I have banked a couply g's very easily, if you have half a brain you can use strategy to beat out the majority of the bums and old folks who play this.

    The last 3 tournements will be held on:
    -March 12
    -March 19
    -March 26

    It is yet to be announced what will be replacing the tournements.

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