Friday night's Streamed game

August 14th, 2020
MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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So after discussing with Mark (@DrTyore) we are going to be doing a live stream for Friday's NL game. I have setup a Google Meet Stream for the session. Myself and Mark will not be playing as there is no way to do it live and not show mine or his hole cards so were just going to be watching and making comments on the hands.

If you want please join the stream at this link on Friday

The more players we have on Friday the more fun this will be. @compuease I'm not sure if we want to change any format or leave it the same but wanted to just give you a heads up if you need to so you can do it now. Its a $5 NL game.


  • compueasecompuease Admin
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    Well it would likely be better with a slower format but I don't want to cancel the superstack we have now as I wouldn't be able to recreate it. What about if we don't use the one scheduled now and make a double stack rebuy, 10 min blinds for this coming Friday?

    P.S. I wouldn't mind if you played and your hole cards are visible, promise I won't look.. A doublestack rebuy with 20 buyins would likely last almost 3 hours while the turbo that is scheduled now would only be about 2 hrs.
  • What ever you feel would work better I'm okay with either.
  • Changed this Friday's game to a NL Doublestack, 10 min blinds rebuy. Should make for a better discussion and comments..
  • Bumping this, hopefully we get a good crowd...
  • Apparently caspan and I won't be able to see who's watching... Maybe use this post for some AMA question times to fill in the long gaps where datamn pretends he's thinking...?

  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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    You can also ask them at the table well read the comments
  • we haven't seen DatMn play for weeks, would be great to get him, Roger, Cory, Andrew and lots of the others back.
  • I put the word out to most of them... I dont have Cory's contact... But various things seem to have them preoccupied.

  • Great initiative, fun idea BUT.m, based on dwindling attendance, would rather have you two play at this point. 1pm EST and only 3 players signed up
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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    I have switched to twitch so here is the new URL and you can also chat on there
  • Everyone just FYI you can chat on Twitch
  • Steve..... look in the top right corner..... your hand was covered but it showed

    Two pair sevens and deuces

    On the top under view lobby.

  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Admin
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    OMG haha that is hilarious!!! Thing you learn doing a live stream. I wonder if Jenn could see that!
  • Anyone watching the stream could see your hand strength
  • Great commentary !!!
  • Anyone watching the stream could see your hand strength

    I forgot all about that! Hopefully Jenn took advantage of that. Live and learn, next stream I'll make sure it's all covered. I didn't know that when I fold and hover over my hole cards it would show... It's why I didn't want to play but thought it might be more fun.
  • I wish I would have seen this, when I doubled you up, when you had aces.
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