Leap - Region of Waterloo Foodbank Game 6 Fundraiser

We are up over $2000.00 raised for the FoodBank of Waterloo region. Thank you to all who have come out so far. Waltsfriend (won week 2 or 3), walywatchout (my dad with a 3rd in week 3) and M.Itsame Mario with a 3rd this past week.
Contact Hello@justleap.ca for details. ($20.00, 10/10 to Foodbank/Prizepool) No rake, Home Games section of Pokerstars. Zoom Call at 7:00, Cards in the air at 7:15p.m. (10 min late reg available)


  • f3w73cwixajy.png
    23 Runners made for another solid donation to the FoodBank of Waterloo region.
    Thanks to this weeks winner Coffinnail80 and waltsfriend, M.Itsame for coming out and supporting a great cause.
    Forumers took 2 of the top 3 spots as I finished 3rd.

    Anticipating another week as ppl have continued to show support by coming out.
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