Leap - Region of Waterloo Foodbank Game 5 Fundraiser

We have reached almost 2000.00 in donations to the Foodbank after 4 weeks of games.
7:15 start, $20.00, 10 to Foodbank, 10 to prize pool. No rake as in Home Games section as play money.
Back to 10 min blinds, 5000 Chips to start.
Come out for a great cause and have some fun while you are at it.


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    Was a night of coolers, stacks disappearing and being rebuilt, only to disappear again. Thanks all for coming out again for the Region of Waterloo Foodbank!!!
    Our own Mario...M.Itsame finished 3rd. Thanks also to Woog30, waltsfriend, Coffinnail and ThisOrThat for their continued support.
  • Start time is 7pm
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