Hello I am 58 yrs old from Hudson Bay Saskatchewan. Love to play poker and meet new players. Just became a grampa last month. So looking forward to playing with you all


  • Welcome, met your son through here and he has played I think 2 games in our home games group. You are welcome to join as well. Jeff.
  • Snow just melted over there!
  • Really, just melted? It has been 30 plus here that last few days.
  • how do I get in a game, when is the next one
  • In 20 min, go to home games section of Pokerstars, bottom right. Use id 3221940 and password WeWillSurvive Glad you could join Hurry up and I'll approve you right away. Game in 17 min is NL, then there is a HORSE game at 8 est if you like mixed games. Jeff.
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