Hi all, first time posting. I am a micro stakes player right now. I've been playing poker mostly recreationally since the poker boom but looking to make some consistent money. Looking to move up the ranks and get some feed back on some of my hands. I would consider myself a somewhat advanced player. I just need more help in some decision making. I do seem to make money playing cash games but am finding i'm struggling in the MTT's. Hope I find some good advice here, always looking to improve. Have a fantastic day!


  • So how is Saskatchewan doing with Covid?
  • @WSather76 welcome aboard. I'm a micro steaks player as well on PokerStars. there are lots of people on here with lots of opinions so please feel free to post your hands!
  • We are in pretty good shape here for the number of covid cases. Im working from home for right now so thankful i can do that.
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