LEAP - Region of Waterloo Foodbank Fundraiser Game 3

$20.00 Etransfer. $10 to Food Bank, $10.00 to Prize Pool. No Rake as it is run in the Home Games section as a play money tournament like the Forum games.

Over $933.00 donated to the FoodBank of Waterloo Region so far.
Waltsfriend took down Game 2 which had 31 players.


  • I just signed up. I've punted away my monthly poker budget but this here expenditure is under donations to the community. The gambler always find reasoning to play at least one more game?

    What the hay, it'd for a good cause...
  • Good for you for coming out. Remember what they say thou, Know your limit, stay with in it.

    14 players already signed up for tonight, should end up between 20-30, payouts as per Stars structure.

    My blinds will be up for grabs (which they almost always are) till at least 8pm as i'm working till then.
    This week will hopefully get us up over $1000.00 raised for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.
  • There were a total of 25 runners for last nights game. Thanks to forumers @thisORthat, COFFINAIL80, waltsfriend, BaccardiShots and walywatchout (my dad) for coming out and helping us raise $ for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.
    Was an exciting end to the game seeing 86 yr old walywatchout having fun and cashing, finishing in 3rd place.
    PokerStars Tournament #2903843625, No Limit Hold'em
    Buy-In: 17000/3000
    25 players
    Total Prize Pool: 425000 ($250.00)
    Tournament started 2020/05/19 19:00:00 ET
    Tournament finished 2020/05/19 22:23:11 ET
    1: 007grd (Canada), $125.00 (50%)
    2: mccrea30 (Canada), $75.00 (30%)
    3: walywatchout (Canada), $50.00 (20%)
    4: wolfey099 (Canada),
    5: Wehrlzz (Canada),
    6: waltsfriend (Canada),
    7: shelindsey2 (Canada),
    8: RealtorWend (Canada),
    9: Geord223 (Canada),
    10: Wolffhound (Canada),
    11: BacardiShots (Canada),
    12: jforte9687 (Canada),
    13: ErikVeiledal (Canada),
    14: ddcog (Canada),
    15: Fritzcracker FC (Canada),
    16: WDFORTY2020 (Canada),
    17: outdorguy243 (Canada),
    18: donger17p (Canada),
    19: William2121c (Canada),
    20: NoBluffingWay (Canada),
    21: Irishguy72 (Canada),
    22: AMGD33 (Canada),
    23: ScottyD44 (Canada),
    24: COFFINNAIL80 (Canada),
    25: ThisOrThat2001 (Canada),
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