Any games Saturday may 2nd?

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Any one putting on a game for Tomorrow?


  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Administrator
    3rd is Sunday right I am assuming you mean Saturday May 2nd any games or both? @compuease any word?
  • thisORthatthisORthat Member
    @TheCoordinator has run Saturday games in the past but I'm not certain what's up?
  • DrTyoreDrTyore It's phonetic!
    TTC... Are you suggesting a play money / more significant real money game? I'm interested
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    I have to go out for a while, social distancing of course, but I could set one up later on for say 6"ish, designed to run maybe 5 hrs? Watch for it and post your support if you want one. $10?
  • niks1niks1 Full PFC Member
    posted on other thread as well - DJ and I are in for $10 game for a 6:00/6:30pm start if possible. Thanks Comp
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Ok set up a NL, 15 min blinds, 10 K chips, no rebuys for 6PM today. With 15 players this would run about 5 1/2 hrs without a deal. Lets hope we get good participation.
  • GogieGogie Senior Member
    Five signed up so far. Need a few more.
  • niks1niks1 Full PFC Member
  • DrTyoreDrTyore It's phonetic!

    I got... very drunk. :)

  • trigstrigs Flop smasher
    Sorry. Couldn't play last night.
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