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Please reserve this thread for game announcements, results, $$$ tracking, etc. Use the HomeGames thread for all comments..

Members to date:

Stars Name,Forum name - Total 47 members
Compuease, Compuease
d0nkSTRIKER, Bfillmaff
Gogie1, Gogie
DrTyore, DrTyore
MrCaspan, MrCaspan
m_dolens, trigs
ThisOrThat2001, thisORthat
Buzzzarrd, Buzzzarrd
Niks1, Niks
chpmuncher, labeach2002
Mike1141, kwsteve
Woog30, woog30
djgolfcan, djgolfcan
Wolffhound, Wolffhound
Noolaf, Falloon
DataMn, DataMn
freshblake, GetBlaked
RiverYerAss, Card Dead
Chines13, 13Cards
SeekTheGrail, SeekTheGrail
FoldedAA2020, folded
COFFINNAIL80, torontotablecpt
SteinoSteino, Steino
Vduboy123, kwmatt
HeyMrPharmacist,King Mob
Zithal, Zithal
p0cketAz, TheCoordinator
42_Beanie_42, Beanie
Kangax5.2, KangaX5
cula8r, not on forum (friend of kwmatt)
TwoPlusTwo, Reefaquarium
waltsfriend, waltsfriend
sgffssarfw not on forum (brother of kwmatt)
TheSetKing hollywoods17
gambler200c, pokernun
jamie4780, moose311
addicted69, Addicted
ddmilcan49, ddmilcan
Dreamlivin01, Dreamlivin
shopsy1967, Shopsy2
Shark_dog3030 not on forum (friend of hollywoods17)
kaijudoka ??? anyone know who this is?
M.Itsame, ItsaMe
cdnmoose07, Moose
DuelinSuds, DuelinSuds
PapaD23 Duelin-Suds dad

Paid to me so far:
Trigs $20.
Gogie $145.
labeach $20.
MrCaspan $10.
Falloon $20.
djgolfcan $110.
niks1 $56.50
DataMn $20.
Buzzzarrd $38.50
DrTyore $60.
Wolffhound $130.
thisORthat $15. transferred on Stars. $26. via EMT, $24. via EMT, $25. via EMT, $25. via emt
Bfillmaff $20.
Woog30 $48
13Cards $20.
SeekTheGrail $20.
torontotablecpt $59.40
folded $70. transferred on Stars, $40 via emt
Steino $140. transferred on Stars $100.31 USD
kwmatt $39.
kwsteve $20.
Beanie $45.
KangaX5 $65.
TheCoordinator $20.
Card Dead $5. transferred on Stars
cula8r $20.
waltsfriend $20.
sgffssarfw $20. kwmatt's brother Adam
pokernun $10.
moose311 $20.
Addicted $60.
ddmilcan $20.
Dreamlivin $20.
Shark_dog3030 $36.
ItsaMe $10. from change for his laptop
Sgt.Rock $20. + $30. May 6, shipped $45. of winnings as requested.
BacardiShots $10
Zithal $27.70 ($20 USD on Stars)
DuelinSuds $30. From Cali, formerly from Sask.
PapaD23 $40. DuelinSuds dad

Schedule starting Apr 19.

Sunday 7:30 PLHE/PLO, 10 min blinds, 5K,
Monday 7:30 PLO high, 10 min blinds, 5K,, 2 rebuys
Tuesday 7:30 NL Superstack turbo, 5 min blinds, 20K chips
Wednesday 7:30 Omaha H/L pot limit, 10 min blinds, 5K
Thursday 7:30 NL, 10 min blinds, 5K, 2 rebuys
Thursday 8:00 Horse, 10 min blinds, 5K,
Friday 7:30 PLO High doublestack turbo, 5 min blinds, 10K chips, 2 rebuys

Tourney #71, Friday 7:30 PLO High doublestack turbo, 5 min blinds, 10K chips, 2 rebuys 50/30/20 payout for 10 or more, 70/30 for less

Current Entries: 12
compuease, torontotablecpt, Duelin_Suds, dallyn23, Gogie, DataMn, Kanga5, Addicted, Moose311, Woog30, niks, djgolfcan

1st niks
2nd dallyn23
3rd Moose311

Link to tracking spreadsheet, and to a spreadsheet showing how everyone is doing as far as overall points (not $$). Thanks to Gogie for the design and work. if you ever see any errors please let me know asap.

Last Updated May 29 9:50 pm


  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    So let's set some $$$ rules going forward for tournaments. You can either etransfer to me or send on Stars, your choice. So all tourneys are $5. If you want to save on e-transfer fees (if you have any) send $20.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to changes you would like, please let me know in the Homes Games thread or pm me.

    Anytime you would like to withdraw your balance just let me know. Promise the balance is backed by gold reserves not equities... ;)
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
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