Pokerstars Home games thread (for Covid19 distraction)



  • Can’t do it it until 730. Good luck and I hope it runs
  • Not looking good for this evenings deepstack at 6, only 6 signed up so far with a 14 minimum. Hopefully we get 8 more.. Sign up soon or it will be cancelled.
  • I am in but won't be home until 2
  • Doesn't look good... Come on guys and gals..
  • If we don't get 5 or 6 more in the next 15 min, I will cancel this one and schedule a regular timed NL rebuy for 7:30
  • I can attend the 730’one
  • I see we. have 9 now. I'm ok with that and we'll probably get a few stragglers between now and 6:10
  • But I'm good with whatever comp decides.
  • DJ and I are ok with 9 as well. Hopefully we get a few more before it starts/into late registration as well.
  • I said 14 by 5:50 and unless I stick to that it would be the same next week. People have to learn to sign up early when they know they can play...
  • Just too long to play with a small player pool.
  • Now we have 10... folded always signs up late as well. Wonder whatever happened to dataman and Woog?
  • Ah hell, let's just go ahead then... lol... I have no authority around here,,,, but won't bother next week.
  • Zithal wrote: »
    Add me to the group! Zithal on PS.

    @Zithal are you gonna host a virtual "The Compound Poker Classic" ?
  • Sorry guys, I have no idea why it didn't have 10 min late reg, that is the default for home games. I set this new one up for 8:40 using the defaults and it has the 10 min late reg. So late reg should work until 8:50. Stupid Stars....
  • compueasecompuease Admin
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    NOTICE TO EVERYONE!!!! It appears that Home Games on Stars no longer allow late registration even for the 10 min that they did up until a couple of days ago. No idea if this is permanent or temporary but make sure you register well ahead even if you are going to start late.

    Correction: I may have found the issue, I recreated the tournament for tonight and it now says late reg for 10 min. Appears as if all the tournaments that I created for about 2 months out had that reset so I may have to recreate them. It took me about an hour to create them all in the first place. In any case I will try to monitor them going ahead but can't promise I will catch them all. Try an make sure you don't count on that late registration time as this is a "known" problem.
  • Thanks Jeff for keeping up with this and catching these glitches... Much appreciate sir!!.
  • [="Gogie;c-418381"]
    Card Dead wrote: »
    Hey @Gogie, is it possible to have a column at the front of our tracking sheet (like in Column D) that shows our current balance so we don't have to scroll all the way to the end to see it? I'm finding the Google sheet cumbersome to navigate on my devices as it continues to grow. I know you've put a lot of great work in on the format, so please don't take this as a complaint or criticism of your work.
    Just a request from the guy with ancient devices and no technical aptitude. :tongue:

    Done. Let me know if it's what you want. It's easy to change the sheet.


    That’s perfect. Thanks.
    Sorry it took me so long to getback to you.
  • lilgreengiant is my username on pokerstars
  • Ok, go to Home games, find club 3221940 password WeWillSurvive and I will approve you. Be aware you will be in suspended status until I receive funds either on Stars or emt to All games are in CDN but you can't transfer CDN on stars so current rate is $3.60 USD for $5. CDN.
  • compueasecompuease Admin
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    A little humour to add..

  • Comp, at our age (you and me) I think we should be happy with whine(ing) and (eating) perogies.
  • Like it says, I was asking for a friend...... a young friend..
  • O8 is great! Tonight!
  • umm......I can't see the club anymore on PStars
  • I see it Nocole
  • We have 9 signed in at the moment...
  • Weird. It's not there for me. I only see the other one I am in.
  • I dont see your name in the grouping Nicole. Apply to 3221940
  • woog30 wrote: »
    I dont see your name in the grouping Nicole. Apply to 3221940

    Thanks Roger - just reapplied. @compuease can you approve me please?
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