Phil Galfond PLO challenge....... video

Should be some good learning watching how the best do it.....


  • I really respect Galfond and I'm excited about this. He's definitely putting his money and rep on the line in an "old school" challenge. I think that the more hands he plays against an opponent the better his chances of winning. He's a smart dude and crushes PLO.

    I've been watching so far (since I'm sitting around marking exams this week), but this play is mostly next level shit that I will never begin to understand. However, Gryko (announcer and coach on Galfond's Run It Once site) is really impressing me in his analysis.
  • Galfond is now up $80K with around 3000 hands left (out of 25,000) after being down by almost $1 million. That's an insane comeback!
  • PG up over 400,000 euros to ActionFreak with around 1700 more hands to play. I think this was considered his toughest competition in the challenge.
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