Pharoah Chips - Cash Game Denoms

TammiM68TammiM68 Full PFC Member
Looking to sell these for $350.00, including racks (as shown), dealer button and plexi carry case (not shown).

Breakdown is: 25c - 400; $1 - 400; $5- 120; $25 - 60 & $100 - 20 (1000 chips, total)

Right now at Apache, these are going for $0.42/chip USD making this setup (with racks & case) worth about $630.00 plus shipping & taxes new.

I'm in Waterdown now (just north of Dundas, a little west of Hwy.6). I can deliver if it's not too far but would prefer the buyer pick up. I will accept e-transfer or cash on pick up.

Please PM if interested. TIA



  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Administrator
    This looks like a really nice set. was looking at these on Apache.. Give me a few min but I think I am interested!
  • moosemoose alces alces
    Seems fair price Steve. Lots of quarters though.

    Are any of these chips flaking?
  • TammiM68TammiM68 Full PFC Member
    Hey Rob, no, none of these are flaking and none are chipped that I noticed.
  • MrCaspanMrCaspan Administrator
    Thanks Rob!! I like quarters want to start my home games for 25/25 25/50
  • TammiM68TammiM68 Full PFC Member
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