Short Deck Holdem Thread

Games are super soft on Party and ACR...unfortunately disappeared on ACR after a recent update. So, will just play on Party for now. Unfortunately, difficult to find a game over $75 BI = 300 antes.

I am self-banned on stars until July:) but looks like they have some higher stakes running there.

ACR plays short deck rules where trips beats a straight, everywhere else plays straight beats trips...which is a better game/more action unless your opponents are especially horrid (like on ACR).

Going to play exclusively short deck and see how it goes...seems like any decent PLO player will beat these games easliy.

Starting Bankroll yesterday = $1000 CDN
Current Bankroll = $1390 CDN

Goal...I guess 3k?



  • This has become a short deck and PLO 200 goal as it is tough to get any short deck games over $75 BI going. Have has some $300 games.

    PLO 200 seems super soft on Party.

    $1100CDN profit so far on Party and $300 or so on Bodog. Bodog software is so terrible that I will likely cash out and put everything on Party for now.

    Up Approx $1463 CDN with goal of being up $5000 and then switching to PLO 500 and playing some short deck when I can. find decent/larger games.

    Party software is much better than it used to be and rakeback on there is pretty decent as well.

    Starting Bankroll (Bodog and Party) = $4000.
    Goal $9000.
    Current $4100 Party + $1363 Bodog = $5463.
  • c6c981ba-571f-4203-9e24-87a440cfcb7f-original.png?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds

    Start: $4050 (couldn't resist a $50 bonus)
    Current: $6111
    Goal: $9000
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