Hello poker fans!

Fairly new to Texas hold ‘em and PLO. From lower mainland(up Fraser valley). I’m looking to improve my end game and heads up. I can build my pot then slowly bleed out! Need to improve my aggression at the table when I’m up. So any suggestions and tips are welcome. Played twice a week for a year. Right now I’m online only, doing ok, but I’m looking for a friendlyish game to join. My best hand so far (live) is a straight flush. I’m sure I’ll be posting more in the future. Side note I might be talked into hosting a weekly game! Well good luck to all.


  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Welcome to the forum, please join in and participate...
  • Toronto PimpToronto Pimp Flop smasher

    Vegas 2019
    No Limit Holdem
    12:00 PM


    #73-A: Main Event

    Main event looks pretty darn good.
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