888 Poker - Verification issue

Hey there - so I signed up with 888 poker over 2 weeks ago. I loaded on some money, played for a night (was up $200) and then they disable my account saying I need to upload documents to be verified. I did that 2 weeks ago, and still no news. Their customer support is useless, and they have stopped responding to my emails. Anyone been through this or have any advice?


  • Did you sign up through the link here?
  • No - Signed up through the 888 website...
  • can't help then, sorry..
  • Right - I was just looking for other players general experience with them, and if there are any tricks to getting them to respond (or maybe they just don't like me). I would expect maybe 5-7 days to review and verify, but over 2 weeks is ridiculous. I know they have generally good reviews, so wondering what i've done wrong!
  • use the live chat option and discuss the issue.
  • sn1perb0y wrote: »
    use the live chat option and discuss the issue.

    I have done that probably 6 times. Their response is “you need to give the Operations department time to review your documents”. They won’t commit to a timeframe, or let me talk to the Operarions department.. and no one will respond to my emails. Kind of at a loss here
  • I had a similar issue with PokerStars. Used AskGamblers' as an advocate and it worked well. A lot of back and forth with PS support sending the same stock responses at first but it was resolved.
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