Party - Team Canada Challenge

Not sure if you guys heard of this away 2 $10k seats to Millions North America.

2-4 man teams in this, they need 50 teams to run, on FB says they're at 22 teams as of now.

I think you have to sign up to their FB Live group to enter.

Anyhow, I'm looking for one or more guys to team up with.....probably better to enter as groups of 2 to try to meet the minimum.

I'm only a part time player at best these days, but I'll try to play a few $33's and $11's per week to get qualified.....looking for someone with similar or more volume preferably.

Post in the thread if you're interested.


  • i wish i knew you you had a spot/didn't have a team earlier. i made a team a few days ago. also i think they will give away upto 4 seats depending on how many players are in the winning team.

    Welcome back to the forum.
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