2019 wpt fallsview


Kinda cool to do a super satellite in December and January for the 2500 and the 5000. Tourney is feb 18th 1k
feb 21 2.5k and feb 23 5k .


  • djgolfcandjgolfcan Flop smasher

    This link has the structures as well
  • bump cuz its in less than 10 days

    am playing the $2,500. am glad its 40k starting stack now, BBA, interesting changes.
  • Card DeadCard Dead Sorry sir, I have 6 Aces!
    I'm hoping to play the $2500 as well if I can bink one of the sattys.

    Didn't realize it was 40k to start. Will definitely make for splashier play in the early going.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    At Fallsview play 2/5 if anyone else is here.
  • Good luck Comp. kick some ass.
  • trigstrigs Flop smasher
    compuease wrote: »
    At Fallsview play 2/5 if anyone else is here.

    I might be heading down tomorrow for a bit.
  • Who else is playing the Satellite on Wed the 20th ?

    good luck to everyone playing the 1100 .
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Ran into both Glenn and Mathers, both played satellites but not sure of any successes. I ended up about $100 playing my usual fold every hand style.. 2/5 really played pretty straight forward. Maybe 5/10 next time.. Wife again made more than me, $400...
  • djgolfcandjgolfcan Flop smasher
    Played a $245 Satty yesterday to try to get into the $1100.
    1500 chips to start, 15 min blinds, 25/50 to start, 2 of 10 get the ticket
    I'm in the BB with 9s-Ts, blinds are 50/100 and i call a raise to 225 (1200 more behind)
    Flop is 7-8-J rainbow - I check, he shoves, I call and am looking forward to almost doubling up.
    He has A-J for top, top
    Turn is an Ace - River is, of course, a Jack
    I'm now down to 300 in chips
    I manage to somehow to triple and double up in the next few hands and am back at $1600, just over starting stack.
    Then a raise, two all ins, a call and I am three handed, 2nd chips with the 3rd guy short (1100) with blinds at 150/300
    First hand of three handed I have 3000 in chips, short stack has 1600, I raise the button, short stack goes all in and I call with my J-J - he has A-8 - Flop is 5-7-T - turn is a 2 - And yes, the river was an Ace
    Next hand, I look at T-T in the SB, shove, BB, big stack calls with K-7 and hits a King on the flop and my $1100 ticket dream vanish.
    The good news is I played 2-5 for a while and won more than the buy in and will be trying to win a ticket to the $2500 on Wednesday. Oh ya, Nicole wants me to mention that she had a really good day playing 2-5NL as well. :)
  • im so psyched for the $2500 hehee

    i dunno why i got a really good feeling.
  • Won’t be there till tomorrow but seems like nothing has changed during the WPT......

    this young kid always has sensible comments and he usually makes some good suggestions...... read his experience thus far.....

  • Busto the Satellite made it down to 100 players left, had a decent stack of 75,000 with blinds of 1500 3000 3000. Flopped flush with KQ clubs ran it into A10 clubs. I was big blind and I lost to player to my immediate left.

    had fun.....put a few guys on super monkey tilt . Saw Buddy, pocket twos, Mathers, Nicole , D.J and Yama.

    There were here a few issues today but if you stop and think about these dealers working 7 or 8 days in a row working 12 or more hours the odd accidents are going to happen. It doesn’t make sense to be ignorant to the dealers , I am positive everyone in that poker tournament has made a mistake while at work.

    Guys ....... have fun....... if you don’t have fun playing poker maybe it’s time to find a new hobby.
  • Card DeadCard Dead Sorry sir, I have 6 Aces!
    Sorry I missed you mike. I was in as well, but short lived.

    Before first break I had Aces twice, jacks once, flopped a nut straight, turned a set, rivered a boat, and I only had 15BB left (half the starting stack). To explain, my aces got no action, correctly folded my Jacks to a 3-bet, my straight got rivered by quads, and my set got rivered by a flush.

    Got almost no playable hands after break, but stole a couple of small pots with timely shoves. Then the blinds caught up with me and I went from 20BB to 7BB in 2 levels. Called off my last 5BB stack from the BB with 84 suited vs button raiser, just hoping to have live cards. Raiser had AQ, and we both bricked everything.

    But I don't complain, I just lament.

  • Still in 5000 satty. Avg stack....
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Still in 5000 satty. Avg stack....

    Go, Go, Go!
  • 120 left. Avg stack is 61k.. I have 100k. Conrad has 240k.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    How many get ticket? P.S. note my new title? No more super moderator...
  • 55 guys left. I have 220k.... Avg is 150k.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Blinds and how many get seats? Conrad?
  • I have 200. Avg is 177. 45 players left and 40 get seats.

    Me Conrad and yama are still in it.
  • fold ur way into those seats! id be hyped
  • I dunno.... Conrad busted. Story to follow.
  • Winner.... Om way home....yama won a seat too
  • I played friggin amazing today. I was down to 7000 in the first level. Same exact set up hand that knocked me out of the other Satellite. I flop a king high flush and run it into a flopped ace high flush.

    i pulled out my iPod and headphones put on some country music (brooks and Dunn) and just picked my spots.

    Fast forward to 46 people left and 40 people win a 5k seat. Conrad texts me that he busted. Something like he had AJ off flop comes A J rag with 1 diamond. Bet raise re-raise call..... turn is another diamond now only 2..... guy shoves conrad calls and the guy has A J diamonds.......bink river diamond........ conrad is on the rail rubbing his bald”ish” head in disgust.

    fast forward to 42 people left and we are on break. There is a huge scrum of players all waving their arms around and talking about someone’s stack got picked up by mistake as they were colouring up the chips on break. This is just what I was told...not 100% but pretty darn sure. So the guys are trying to organize 2 bubble payouts.....1 for the poor guy who had his stack picked up and one other so everyone “the 42 of us left” would get a seat to the 5k. I had about 250k and was top 10 or 15 in chips. Some of the real short stacks started kicking $1000 each...... then they asked for anyone willing to kick in $ 100 to please do so .... after 10 mins they had ten grand in donations and 2 guys got cash and 1 guy forfited his stack and the rest of us got our seats.

    the bosses were very nice to let us try and figure out a fair way to resolve the situation and everyone was happy with the end result.

    The blinds were 10k 20k 20k ante and some of the short stacks only had 50 k - 80k...... so it really did work out for everyone.

    i am gonna walk the dog and get some sleep . Gonna skip the first couple levels tomorrow but will keep y’all updated.
  • djgolfcandjgolfcan Flop smasher
    That's awesome Mike !! I have no doubt you have another deep run in you ! Go get it.
  • So ...... 1st bullet.

    table draw is as bad as you can get ... Mike Watson to my immediate right also on table is Parker Talbot and Darren Elias. I raise from the button with A 3 spades from from 200 up to 600 guy wearing full poker costume hoodie sun goggles 2 backpacks maybe an extra hoodie and 3 sets of headphones min raises to 1200. I call flop comes out 2 4 5 rainbow guy bets out 2000 I re-raise to 7000 guy shoves all in I had him covered by about 9 k and I did flop an ugly straight so felt pretty comfortable with my call. The flips over 3 6 off suit.

    So..... a few mins later I have about 12k and wake up with pocket queens. Mike Watson bets out on a jack high flop with no straights or flushes ou there....... I shove.... he snaps with kings.....


    so being the dumb fuck that I am I am on super monkey tilt level RED. I go up to the salon price to play some blackjack to calm my nerves.

    To to make a short story short ..... I blast off 13,000 in 20 mins then go down to re-buy into the tournament since I only had 6,000 left after the worst 20 mins of blackjack in history.

    Rebuy .... Mike Leah also did a rebuy right ahead of me. It’s like he had a feeling or something because as we took our slips over to the boss he let me go ahead of him.......

    2nd bullet table draw..... Peter Jetton on my right Alex foxxen 2nto my left and also Anthony Zino and griffin Benger. WTF ??

    first or second hand.......... I have AK hearts from the cutoff .... blinds are 300 500 500. I raise to 1300, Alex foxxen raises to 3500.... I call. Flop comes A K 6 one heart. He bets out 10K .... I am very gun shy right now and I don’t know if I should have jammed all in ?? I call the 10k.

    Turn is 10 hearts. He shoves all in ..... I have top two pair with the nut flush draw...... I took a few mins and the guys were really cool about not calling clock. I tried talking myself into a fold but i really couldn’t put him pocket aces or kings since I had the blockers and with the redraw to the nut flush....... I made the call and he flips over queen jack off suit.

    Worst part is I was practicing my victory speech on the drive there today.

    Oh well.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Mike, you are one crazy mf'er... I can't even comprehend losing that sort of money in one day, or even in my whole lifetime. Other than running to the BJ table I can't see anything you did wrong... Maybe you should have taken your last 1K and let it ride on red or black until you either had all 20K back or busted..
  • Card DeadCard Dead Sorry sir, I have 6 Aces!
    Tough luck mike. That's a brutal reward for getting through the satty. Must have been pretty cool to play with those guys tho.
  • compuease wrote: »
    Mike, you are one crazy mf'er... I can't even comprehend losing that sort of money in one day, or even in my whole lifetime. Other than running to the BJ table I can't see anything you did wrong... Maybe you should have taken your last 1K and let it ride on red or black until you either had all 20K back or busted..

    The poker part sucked more because I know I wouldn’t change the way I played the hands. The blackjack part just means I am dumb and should have left sooner. I blasted of the first 5k at blackjack betting 300- 500 a hand a losing 8 out of every 10 hands. When that was gone I pulled out another 8k and bet 1k a hand and lost about 7 out of every 10 hands..... but the dealers were very nice and told me to come back anytime. I hope I lost enough to get free parking next month.
  • On a side note my buddy is in 2nd place with 39 players left .... Go John Go.
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