having the biggest run on sunday

i am on such a high, having the biggest run on partypoker. Might have my biggest score today.

monster 04 H 34/69/2701 16.1k uptop
monster 03-L 25/48/5576 9k uptop with bountys
sunday rebuy 7.5kgtd 7/23/209 1.5kuptop.

will update next break, hopefully i wont brick them all and jump of a bridge.


  • Don't you dare jump off a bridge...... at least until you have your Rock shirt... glglglg.
  • hour of showers, busto the sunday rebuy in 15th for $111 ak<77
    busto monster 04 in 34th? for $235 kj<a8
    chipped down vs a shortie in monster 03 55s<a8 still in it tho with 13bbs
    edit: kammed 8bbs with kto on button bb calls and bust in 27th for $112

    kill me already.
  • Eww man. Fuck that's painful. Not that it actually matters, but I convinced myself that anytime I post here about a deep run or a ft I get insta doom switched. It might actually be a curse.
  • Pretty much sums up why I quit playing online. Hours invested for little return.

    My Sunday run in progress.


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  • Good run still. Never post until final table though. It's a curse otherwise.
  • lesson learnt
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