gift card vouchers for sale for stars money! lets make a deal =]

im back on my grind getting gift card vouchers if anyone wants to make me an offer in stars money for a 5$ or 10$ gift card let me know! il be doing this on the daily so it wont take long to add it up and buy something worth while. id be willing to go close to 50 cents on the doller giving you a deal for your stars money. msg me or reply here if ur interested thanks! :) my stars name is trevorpwns


  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    10$ card now available will take 5$ on pokerstars for it. will send first plz reply here if interested
  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    Have another 10$ gift card id take 5$ on pokerstars for it if anyones interested thanks
  • sn1perb0ysn1perb0y Full PFC Member
    i'll send u 5$ on partypoker for it.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    sn1perb0y wrote: »
    i'll send u 5$ on partypoker for it.

    You are just too kind snipe,.... :) Let me know if he doesn't send it..
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