10 man poker table

Other than having the Dolphins team logo on it this is a great table and it's in great shape. Padded bumpers and speed cloth. I picked it up to be able to run a 2 table tournament. Never used it. I'm moving and I want it gone. $160 and it's yours.

I'm in New Hamburg

Mike (mik.jxn@gmail.com)



  • Hmmm...I may be interested. Anyone know how much and how difficult to refelt? Don't think I'd want to keep the dolphins logo.
  • I did mine so it's not that difficult. I used a custom felt, Kwmatt I think bought felt from str8 poker supplies out of Toronto.
  • Aligning the felt can be tricky if it has a graphic on it. But not hard if you take your time. I posted a video on youtube a while ago on how to install a custom felt, lots of people have told me it was useful.
  • Would bleach work on that eyesore of a logo? :p
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