2 million playmoney chips for a doller anyone??? Pokerstars

trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
Name says it all. my screen name is trevorpwns let me know if youd trade :o


  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Didn't you already sell them to Snipe?
  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    he said that was fine dont worry about it i tried contacting him 2 different ways to send it to him but he didnt care lol if he wants 750k i owe him il still give it to him have 2 million there.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    You also realize that chip dumping is against PS T&C's so anyone receiving them risks having their real money account frozen. Not likely anyone here would risk that. Anyone transferring real money to you like Snipe did is doing it as charity.

    Better to stick to bugs...
  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    They have play money transfers as an option, it isnt chip dumping.
  • sn1perb0ysn1perb0y Full PFC Member
    its okay, keep the 750k. Just don't make multiple threads and posts selling play money chips and clutter the forum please.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    As per Pokerstars rules:
    Play Money transfers
    In order to limit economy abuse and as part of our continuing review of the Play Money ecosystem to keep it healthy and robust, Play Money transfers have been disabled.

    We kindly ask you to use the top-up option instead: You can top-up your Play Money balance with 15,000 play money chips every 4 hours. The top-up option is available in play money cash games, tournaments, and in the cashier (depending on your licence).

    As I recall this has been this way for a few years and yes chip dumping (including play money) is against Pokerstars T&C's

    As Snipe says, stop posting these begging posts, it was funny for a while but has run it's course.

    Any future posts like this will be deleted and if you continue so will you. Snipe was nice enough to give you money but don't expect it to continue. If you like you may ask questions to improve, etc but no more begging. Got it?
  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    iim not begging. im offering something that is better value then you pay for your pm chips on pokerstars, plenty of usa players etc take the high stakes pm games seriously and it makes it a reasonable place to improve your skills without risking much of anything. i was offering million pm chips for 50 cence pretty much which is more then reasonable im offering something for something in return some people dont care about 50 cents or a doller could gain alot of risk free practice for the sake of 50 cence or a doller. iv done this countless times before. and pokerstars has a option that if a player is sat at any table you search them right click their avatar and transfer as much playmoney chips as you like. nothing wrong with it, uv been attacking me since i got here, is it cause i offerd to eat bugs or do dares for pokerstars money? lol im on a fixed income and i can only afford to deposit 16.50 cad every 2 weeks. when i run out i like the option of even getting 10 cence to play with id offer these chips for cheaper if i had to. Bottom line being, Pokerstars sells them Why cant I? I earned them did I not? the option to send is there for a reason.
  • UBetIFoldUBetIFold Full PFC Member
    Lol. This is all quite humorous. I can throw you a bone when I get home if I remember to open the stars client. Don't normally play on stars so might forget.

    Edit. What's your stars name and how do you transfer on stars?
  • UBetIFoldUBetIFold Full PFC Member
    Send you a fiver on stars. Best of luck mate. If you run it up and end up winning the wsop main event this summer, don't forget about me!
  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    i sure wont forget dude lol
  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    il try the hot 2.20 if i can find it i placed third in it before for 300 usd maybe it could repeat lol
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Hey if you guys don't care about the begging then who am I to question, however Trevor I have heard from a few regs that don't like it. If someone really complains I will boot you for begging however. If you are losing $16.50 every 2 weeks then you are a losing player so why not stick to play money if it as you say "good practice"?

    I really think most are just taking pity on you, is that REALLY what you want?
  • UBetIFoldUBetIFold Full PFC Member
    Tbh I don't think he really cares. Just looking to get back in action. I mean the guy is willing to eat bugs for a buyin. Don't think he's concerned about pity imo
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    My, and some others, concern is it encourages begging like we used to have quite a bit of around here years ago. Don't want word to get around and then we have a few coming and asking for money. It used to be cause for instant banning but we are a lot more relaxed now.
  • UBetIFoldUBetIFold Full PFC Member
    Ya I understand where your coming from.

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  • ReefAquariumReefAquarium Looking for a coach
    Last time years ago, I offered to give away Play money for free.
  • MiloMilo Excelling at mediocrity
    Take the wraps off the hammer, Jeff.
  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    I dont see the harm in getting tiny bits of poker cash for playmoney chips and amazon vouchers. or id stream on twitch and do food challenges yes i need the small buyins on that note i have 500k playmoney chips trying to get to a million would anyone send me 25 cence for 500k pm chips? :P
  • trevorpwnstrevorpwns Full PFC Member
    lost it all hahahah
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    I think you need to take up a new hobby....
  • westside8westside8 Forum Troll - Admin Style
    Last warning otherwise if comp doesn't do it I will
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